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Our goal is to establish a large-scale terrestrial aquaculture enterprise in Outaouais, successfully farming Atlantic salmon. The introduction of this brand-new industry, which aligns with Quebec’s bio-food policy, will allow us to supply high-quality salmon close to the markets of Quebec, Ontario, and the northern United States.

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Samonix wishes to build a 10,000 metric ton annual salmon farm in the Pontiac region of the Outaouais. The proposed facilities will use a tank culture technique with water treatment allowing a recirculation of more than 99% (RAS systems). To learn more about the processes used, visit our section on RAS technology.

High quality salmon

Samonix aims to implement a technological solution that will ensure that fish are raised without antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and microplastics.

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New techniques for the production of animal proteins, such as salmon, must be implemented to meet the growing global demand. The planned farming will not have significant contact with the surrounding ecosystems. Our production is local, thus ensuring a low carbon footprint, longer shelf life, and reduced wastage.

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Nearby and economical

Food self-sufficiency is beneficial for all. A fresh supply close to markets promotes wealth in Quebec, reduces transportation costs, and decreases the risk of losses.

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Our partners

Samonix is delighted to announce a major strategic partnership for the development of our land-based aquaculture project in the Outaouais region. We have established a strategic collaboration with Smart Salmon of Norway, experts in salmon farming, and Smøgenlax Aquaculture AB of Sweden, specialists in wastewater management, treatment and reclamation. By joining forces, we aim for excellence in land-based Atlantic salmon aquaculture and look forward to pushing back the boundaries of innovation in this sector with a healthy, eco-responsible approach.

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We believe that the best seafood comes from a better seafood company—one that brings transparency, openness, and unflagging honesty to everything we do.



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Fishery can mean either the enterprise of raising or harvesting fish and other aquatic life; or more commonly, the site where such enterprise takes place. Commercial fisheries include wild fisheries and fish farms, both in freshwater bodies and the oceans .
About 500 million people worldwide are economically dependent on fisheries. 171 million tonnes of fish were produced in 2021, but overfishing is an increasing problem, causing declines in some populations.

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Private Labeling is our specialty and focus.

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Four generations of expertise, Fishery Inc. remains 100% family-owned to this day.

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